Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers edited out of show despite 'attention seeking'

Sam Faiers (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemate Sam Faiers has been edited out of show despite doing her best to grab air time.

At least that's according to evicted Liz Jones in an interview following her exit earlier this week.

Liz branded Sam 'attention seeking', claiming that the TOWIE star was one of the worst housemates for trying to get the camera on her.

“Sam has tried to do things for the cameras. She showered with the door open and in a bikini," she told the Daily Star newspaper. “My own view was: ‘Why would you do that?’ I never took in a bikini. I took a burkini. But it seems they didn’t show her in the shower anyway.”

Liz also revealed that Sam's lack of air time has also been down to an illness which has been kept from viewers.

“I’d love to see her really explode and lose her rag – but she is very controlled," the journalist said. “Sam has been accused of being quiet and boring but there is a reason. She has been ill for two weeks.

“Some days she was so bad they let her stay in bed because she was really sick. She has a virus. It hasn’t helped her time in the house.

“I gather none of this has been shown and people don’t know."

A source claimed that producers have been specially selecting which clips to show of Sam in a bid to boost her profile with us viewers.

“The bosses want people to see Sam in a good light, not like Jasmine," the insider is quote as saying. “They don’t want her labelled the same as those other girls, so it’s better to promote a more wholesome image.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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