Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz insists she really does fancy Lee Ryan

Jasmine Wlatz.

Jasmine Waltz has insisted her feelings for Lee Ryan in the Celebrity Big brother 2014 house were genuine.

And the outrageous US model, who was flashing her boobs just hours into her stay, claimed she was showing her SHY side in the house.

"I was just a little but shy because of the cameras," Jasmine said this week. Sometimes he [Lee] would say things and I'd be like, oh My God, but that's because it's so rare to hear those things.

"It makes you skeptical that is this for real because it was so over the top, not like anything you've ever heard. So you have your doubts."

But she insisted: "I like him. I don't know about how much. I haven't really known him for that long. He's very open. It's very vulnerable to act that way. You're letting people in and that's so brave. That's awesome. "

Meanwhile, Jasmine hit out at Casey claiming that the rival model had won by surviving her in the house.

"She got exactly what she wanted, which is for me to be out of thehouse and for her to be all over Lee again," Jasmine told OK! magazine. "I don't think it would break my heart but it would bother me if she tried it on with Lee.

"It would be a clear indication to me that I need to walk away from the situation."

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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