Celebrity Big Brother news: Luisa Zissman thinks Casey Batchelor is playing games


Luisa Zissman reckons Casey Batchelor is playing a game when it comes to liking Lee Ryan.

On Tonight' show, Luisa is in the diary room talking about the relationships in the house.

Luisa says: “Ollie’s basically in love with Sam.”

She continues: “He’s just so nice and I think Sam needs a little bit more than nice. Casey’s in love with Lee, Lee’s in love with Jasmine and they’ve only known each other for you know 2 weeks, 2 and a half weeks, so it’s a bit strong.”

The Apprentice star adds: “I just think everyone has a game plan and that’s Casey’s game plan.”

Meanwhile, Lee tells Dappy and Ollie that he had a dream about his ex, Casey and Jasmine.

Lee explains: “Yeah I had a dream right daps, that I was with my ex girlfriend, Casey and Jasmine in a room.

“Casey started getting angry, my ex girlfriend was upset and Jasmine went f**k this im out, she was going back to America, but I was talking to her and she was like saying come with me, come with me.”

He continued: "It was a dream, she was jumping on the plan bruv and I couldn’t find her tell her something to speak to her cos I had to tell her something but I don’t know what I had to tell her.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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