Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 20 highlights and recap


Day 20 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house saw drama aplenty following face to face nominations.

Ollie is talking to Casey about his conversation with Sam yesterday, describing it as “cringe.”

Luisa is in the diary room talking about the relationships in the house. Luisa claims that Casey is in love with Lee and that Lee is in love with Jasmine.

Ollie tells Lee about his conversation with Sam yesterday and how she is unsure about what will happen on the outside.

Lee tells Ollie and Dappy that he had a dream about his ex, Jasmine and Casey.

Ollie and Sam participate in the ‘on the fence’ task.

Ollie and Sam share a luxury hamper in the lodge after their task. Ollie is complimenting Sam.

Luisa is talking to Casey about Lee and how he is ‘sensitive’. Casey tells Luisa that’s its awkward to talk to him after their relationship was spoken about during the ‘on the fence’ task.

Lee is in the diary room talking about Casey and how he feels uncomfortable with his relationship with Casey. Lee tells Big Brother that he tries to be friends with Casey but that she takes it too far.

Liz is evicted from the house.

Housemates partake in face to face nominations.

Luisa tries to change her nomination, therefore she is not allowed to nominate. The housemates up for nomination are Jim, Ollie, Luisa, Lee and Linda.

Luisa tells Casey that she wanted to swap her nomination for Ollie with Dappy.

Linda is not happy with Dappy for nominating her and tells housemates that people in the house have ‘no balls’.

Jim hands Linda a knife in the kitchen, Linda tells Jim to stop being nice to her.

Luisa is telling Casey how none of the men in the house have ‘balls.’

Linda is in the diary room talking about the prospect of facing eviction.

Ollie addresses fellow housemates in reaction to Lee and Linda’s reasons for nominating him.

Linda and Luisa are in the bedroom talking about Ollie’s speech.

Luisa calls Ollie ‘desperate’ and starts to mock him, whilst Ollie can hear from the garden.

Ollie walks into the bedroom and tells Luisa that she is unfair for mocking him, Luisa laughs and apologises.

Ollie is in the garden telling Casey and Jim how Luisa is ‘bullying’ him. Casey and Jim tell Ollie to calm down and give him a cuddle.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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