Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 19 highlights and recap

Day 19 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house saw flirting and rows, and the end to this week's shopping task.

During the shopping task, Linda and Ollie are worried about Dappy, Casey, Lee and Luisa because they believe they haven’t eaten properly. Unbeknownst to the Explorers, the huskies have been eating well in the Mutt’s Nuts kennel and must keep this a secret from the Explorers in the main house.

Linda volunteers to eat dog food in the diary room to win Dappy, Casey, Lee and Luisa a nice breakfast. However what she doesn’t know is that they are watching her from the Kennel whilst eating a full English breakfast.

Sam and Ollie are having a discussion about what they want to have in the future. They both talk about wanting kids.

Lee, Casey, Dappy and Luisa are talking about Sam and Ollie’s relationship in the house. Luisa tells them that Sam doesn’t fancy Ollie.

Dappy, Luisa, Casey and Lee choose questions to ask nominated housemates Sam, Jim and Liz as part of their shopping task.

Luisa starts to question Lee about his feelings towards Jasmine.

Lee and Casey have a pretend argument about Lee apparently asking Jasmine to move in with him, to wind up Luisa.

Housemates participate in final part of the North Pole task.

Housemates win their shopping task and are shown clips of Dappy, Casey, Luisa and Lee living in their luxury Kennel.

Luisa and Dappy have to wear a ‘twinsie’ and clean the bathroom as a punishment for talking about nominations.

Lee and Sam are talking about how they think Luisa fancies Dappy.

Lee is talking about how intelligent dolphins are with Liz.

Lee tells housemates about a comment he made around the time of 9/11 when he was 17 years old.

Ollie starts to question Sam about what she said in the diary room about their relationship.

Jim is in the diary room talking about how he will not give up trying being friends with Linda.

Sam is still trying to reassure Ollie about what she said in the diary room about their relationship.

Luisa is telling Liz that she doesn’t want her to be evicted. Liz tells Luisa how she only brought 3 pairs of knickers into the house because she thought she would only last 4 days.

Luisa is talking to Lee about Casey and asking why Lee is sharing a bed with her. Lee tells Luisa that he is backing away from Casey.

Sam puts on Ollie’s jumper and Dappy tells Sam not to play games with Ollie.

Lee gets into bed with Casey and starts to cuddle her. Luisa then tells Linda how Lee said that he was going to stay away from Casey.

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening at 9PM on Channel 5.

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