Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson goes on hunger strike

Jim Davidson (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Jim Davidson has gone on a hunger strike in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

It's all over this week's shopping task which has seen the remaining celebrity contestants go on an exhausting journey to the North Pole.

For the task, half the Housemates must become sled dogs and pull the others who have become Explorers sitting in comfort in the husky sled.

Sam, Ollie, Jim, Linda and Liz have become the explorers leaving Lee, Casey, Luisa and Dappy to become huskies for the task.

The husky Housemates have been given husky dog costumes and must live in the kennel, and the sled riders were provided with nice warm furry coats and told they can live in the house.

But there's a twist: The huskies' kennel is actually a luxury pub. The four lucky husky housemates will actually be enjoying every minute they spend in there over the next two days with booze, games, music, bar snacks, meals and secret cameras and headphones to spy on the conversations of the other housemates in the main house.

Lee, Casey, Luisa and Dappy must not let the other housemates know that they are in fact enjoying their stay in the kennel and should instead make out that they are having to live in squalor and eat gruel.

Not knowing about their secret luxury pub, Jim has refused to eat to support the four husky housemates.

Watching from their kennel, the husky housemates were split over Jim's actions.

Dappy joined in with the hunger strike, explaining: "Last time, me and LeeLee went to jail when I came in and shared my steak - I didn't eat my steak. I shared it. I gave some to Jasmine, I gave some to Lee, I gave some to Jim, I put some in his mouth. It's the principle, innit?

"You lot might disagree with me. I'm sorry, but if Jim hasn't eaten, now we've seen that, I can't eat."

But Luisa claimed: "Jim isn't doing it for solidarity. I don't believe it for one second. Jim is doing it to play up to the cameras. I would bet money on that.

"I bet we'll watch later and everyone will go to bed and Jim will get up and eat something without everyone saying."

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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