Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 18 highlights and recap

Lee takes part in the Brain Freeze taskIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Day 18 in the Celebrity Big Brother house saw the remaining contestants get a new task.

The garden has been transformed with fake snow for the North Pole shopping task.

Sam is in the diary room talking about being up for nomination, she doesn’t agree with Liz and Jim’s reasons of putting her up.

Jim and Dappy are talking about Jim being up for nomination. Jim talks about being shocked about Lee and how he is too ‘demonstrative’.

Dappy, Lee, Luisa and Casey take ice shots as part of the shopping task.

Casey is squeezing Lee’s spots and talking about how she woke up ‘really horny’.

Linda is in the diary room talking about how she is enjoying the benefits of being an explorer in the task.

Jim has a conversation with Dappy and Ollie about ‘bashing one out’.

Dappy, Lee, Luisa and Casey are told that they must sleep in a Kennel as part of the task.

The Kennel is a luxury room with alcohol, food and a screen to watch the other housemates. Dappy, Lee, Luisa and Casey watch Linda on the screen talking about Jim. Linda doesn’t understand why Jim has refused to eat because the ‘huskies’ cannot.

Dappy, Lee, Luisa and Casey have a discussion about Linda and how she may be perceived on the outside.

Jim talks about his legal fees in regards to the false allegations he received last year.

Linda and Jim get into another housemate because Linda tells the Dappy, Luisa, Sam and Casey that they all drank wine, when housemates agreed not to tell them about receiving alcohol.

Casey is drinking champagne and rubbing Lee’s hair in the Kennel.

Linda is in the diary room talking about how she can’t ‘bear’ Jim.

Dappy, Lee, Casey and Luisa are playing the ‘would you rather’ game. Luisa asks the others would they rather ‘snog Sam’ or ‘shake Ollie’s hand’. Casey and Luisa say how they would rather snog Sam, however Dappy and Lee would rather shake Ollie’s hand.

Jim is in the diary room about Linda and how the house is quiet without Lee, Dappy, Luisa and Casey.

Casey is joking with Lee and asks is he wants a ‘b**w job’.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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