Celebrity Big Brother 2014: 7 of this year's best quotes... so far

Jim Davidson (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

This year's Celebrity Big Brother is proving to be a huge hit and here's some of the top lines that have won us over.

The CBB 2014 line up of stars including Luisa Zissman and Jim Davidson have proved comedy gold, and Liz Jones' often unintentional deadpan delivery of her remarks has also had us in stitches.

The numerous rows have also provided plenty of highlights over the past few weeks with arguments over everything from love triangles to brandy.

As we enter the third week of the show, here are our top quotes from this year's Celebrity Big Brother housemates... so far! Add your own in the comments below...

Liz being depressing


I keep thinking about my dead cat Squeaky…I’m just thinking I let her down…I’ve been having a little cry…and I might have come out of here…and my Mum would have died…It’s what happens if I don’t get enough nuts and nutrients…if I had a car now I’d drive into a tree…and I have body dysmorphia cause of all the mirrors… and my arse is like that ice cream…you know Vienetta…I’m going to have no friends see me when I get out, I’m gonna die a lonely old woman with no one to see me apart from my agent…I think I’m like clinically depressed…Mike will have left me….due to seeing me in harsh light with no make-up.

Dappy on his GCSEs

In the comeback of all comebacks to Luisa.


"Low IQ?! I got an A+ in English, an A+ in Maths ... and a B in Music! What did you get, an A and B in Stuck Up?"

Jim's recap of Lee and Jamsine's bathroom antics


"It sounded like they were whisking an omelette in there."

Jim on sex with Linda


"I would rather put my balls in an egg slicer."

Jim's quip to Luisa

Said after yet another argument between the pair.

"Do we have to queue up to have a row with you or do you just pick someone at random?"

Ollie on Luisa's gag reflex

He doesn't say much, but when he does...


Luisa: "I've got a really weak gag reflex"
Ollie: "I would not expect that from you"

Reactions to Lee's lactating

via bbspy.tumblr.com

Luisa: “Stop it Lee you will bleed”

Ollie: “Eurgh what is that? Why are you lactating? You are not meant to lactate!”

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