Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson, Luisa Zissman row again

Jim does laundry in the bathroomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

It just wouldn't be Celebrity Big Brother 2014 without a daily argument between Luisa and Jim.

Tonight's show is no different with the pair first rowing over ironing.

“Do you think I’d ever iron a man’s shirts? I’ll tell you why I’ll never iron a man’s shirt," Luisa tells Jim in a discussion over house chores.

Jim: replies “You don’t have to tell me, I could guess.”

But Luisa continues: “Because my Dad used to say to my Mum, they’re wrong, do it again. And So I swore I’d never iron a man’s shirt. That is why I don’t like Jim Davidson.”

Jim quips: “If I was like you I think I wouldn’t either, I have to admit.”

Luisa tells him: “Why would you even say....oh Jim shop it….we’re not in the 1950s…you’re trying to wind me up.”

Later the pair argue over Jim's apparent popularity with viewers.

After surviving three evictions now, Jim says: “Does it break your heart that I may get more votes that you.”

"No it doesn’t break my heart," Luisa insists. "I’m not heart broken, I just find it bewildering and struggle to find why you are voted to stay in when you are sexist and women predominantly vote.

"Because I’m a woman and you do put women down a lot and I find it quite offensive.”

“If you thought for one minute that I had any feelings for you at all I’d jump out of a building," Jim jokes.

Luisa retorts: "If I pretend to think that I’ve got feelings about you will you jump off a building? You can try The Lodge.”

Jim tries to call a truce, telling the former Apprentice candidate: "A couple more days Luisa and you will never, ever see me again, so let’s just get through these last couple of days.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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