Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 17 highlights and recap

Sam in the living roomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Day 17 in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house saw the latest round of nominations and lots more.

Today Luisa and Jim argue over domestic chores such as ironing, housework and cooking

Dappy discusses Luisa and Jim in the Diary Room, suggesting that Luisa is annoying him on purpose

Dappy and Luisa are in the bathroom and Dappy shows off to Luisa by shaking his pelvis. Luisa asks him if he is a shower or a grower

It’s nomination’s time as the group all nominate in the Diary room.

Jim does his dirty laundry in the bathroom alone whist performing a comedy skit about men doing housework

Linda and Luisa catch Dappy not flushing the toilet and confront him about it

Luisa is given a secret mission by Big Brother. She has to get Dappy to rap with her, Jim to disagree with her, Liz to laugh, and Linda to compliment her. What she doesn’t know is that the actual task is for the housemates to successfully ignore her efforts. If they pass they receive ingredients to make a Sunday roast

First up, Luisa goes into the bedroom and says she looks like a “walrus” in her sweater and tries to get Linda to compliment her when she changes outfit and Linda manages not to give a compliment, Dappy then refuses to rap with her using the excuse his agent has told him not to perform in the house and he has done it already in a task. Jim escapes disagreeing with Luisa when she asks if the Falkland Islands are near the Shetland Islands. Liz avoids laughing by telling Luisa how she is really depressed

The housemates pass the task, as they successfully ignored Luisa’s efforts

During dinner Luisa thinks Jim has employed a call centre in the far east to call to keep him in the house as she thinks voters are predominantly women and that he is sexist

Nominations results are in. It’s announced that Sam, Liz and Jim face the public vote and one of them will leave the house on Wednesday. The nominations and reasons are revealed on the screen in the house

Luisa and Liz argue that Jim and Liz voted tactically so they’d have a stronger chance at leaving

Liz reminded them it’s a game and she can nominate who she wants and says that she should be angry that everyone voted for her

Ollie and Sam are in the garden. Ollie says to Sam that she will be fine as she has an “amazing fan base”

Linda and Luisa ask if Sam fancies Ollie. Sam says that she “hasn’t really thought about it”. Linda then goes on to quiz Luisa about getting it on with Dappy. Luisa is a bit coy

Ollie is in the Diary Room letting off steam as he’s sad that Sam is up for eviction. He thinks the game has changed due to tactical voting and that some people want to win more than others

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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