Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers unhappy over nominations


Sam Faiers isn't a happy bunny after being nominated for the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction.

Last night Big Brother revealed the latest Celebrity big Brother 2014 nomination results with three housemates up for the axe.

With the most votes from their fellow housemates, Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones, The Only Way Is Essex Star Sam Faiers and comic Jim Davidson were all put up for eviction.

In a twist, housemates watched nominations meaning they knew who nominated who causing all sorts of speculation.

Luisa was angry that Jim had voted tactically, claiming that the comic had nominated favourite Sam in a bid to get his competition out of the house before the final.

Jim meanwhile was laying low in the garden after the nominations were shown, telling Blue's Lee Ryan: "If I wasn't nominated I would be devastated."

Liz Jones however was over the moon with the outcome, having asked the group to nominate her she gushed: "If I could have voted for myself I would've done!"

But Sam was less pleased after she was put up for the axe with two votes from Jim and Liz.

"I really don't care about being up for nominations," she insisted, although we're not entirely sure we believe her.

Sam ranted: "Liz saying I don't make an effort with her, I make the most effort with with her! I lend her my clothes, I do her hair and make up, I even did her fake tan the other day.

"I thought the cheek of it. Nominations are nominations, but when it's like that..."

The TOWIE star was also angry at Jim or his tactical voting.

He told Ollie: "It's all lies, there is no f**king way on earth she'll be voted off this show."

Sam complained: "Jim said it was all lies, but now I know he done it on purpose, if he had had his reasons it'd be okay."

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5.

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