Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman passes her task (by failing it all)

Luisa Zissman.

Luisa Zissman has passed her secret task in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house after failing it all.

Yesterday, Big Brother Luisa a secret mission to get some of her fellow Housemates to do something for her.

If she fulfilled the majority of her missions, she was told that she would win a prize just for her to enjoy.

However, what Luisa didn’t realise was that the rest of the Housemates had been set a task of their own – to scupper her secret mission.

They had to make sure she failed each and every one of her missions, no matter how hard she tried.

If they successfully ensured that Luisa failed all of her missions, they would win a prize for all the Housemates, including Luisa.

Luisa’s missions were:

She needs to get Dappy to rap along with her.

She must get Jim to disagree with her.

She must make Liz laugh.

She must get Linda to compliment her.

She needs to get so upset that someone comforts her.

For failing all of them, Luisa passed her real secret mission thanks to the other housemates.

As a reward, Big Brother provided the group with food for a Sunday roast dinner to enjoy.

Tune in to CBB tonight at 9PM to watch the task and fallout.

Watch a clip of Luisa in action in the task below...

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