Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 16 highlights and recap


Day 16 in the Celebrity Big Brother house saw the housemates show off their talents in a new task.

Yesterday, Lionel became third celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Last night Luisa kept Jim awake, this morning Jim is getting his own back by making noises as he gets out of bed.

In the bedroom, Sam and Linda tell Luisa she was ‘hysterical’ last night. Luisa says that Jim is easy to wind up and it’s her ‘new hobby’.

Jim is in the diary room and reveals that Luisa ‘finds it great fun to keep him awake’, and that he doesn’t like her, ‘there’s something very unattractive about that woman’.

Jim tells Dappy that he slept on the floor last night as Luisa was keeping him awake, ‘she doesn’t give a f**k about anybodies feelings, I’m going to keep out of her way’.

In the kitchen, Luisa suggests to some of her housemates that they should make an orchestra. Luisa starts playing the ‘saucepans’, Ollie and Casey join in by singing, Jim stays well away in the garden.

Lee tells Dappy that Luisa annoyed him last night when she was winding Jim up.

Housemates start to work on their performances: Lee is composing a new song for the talent contest, Liz is writing a fashion critic for her fellow housemates, Sam and Ollie are working together on a constructed reality scene, Dappy is rehearing his hit single No Regrets and Casey talks about her talents for modelling with help from Jim.

It’s now time for Big Brother’s In The Limelight talent contest; Jim is welcomed on stage and introduces his assistant judges.

Dappy is first up to take to the stage and performs his hit No Regrets to a standing ovation from the three judges. Jim tells him his performance ‘took his breath away’. Luisa declares she’s a ‘little bit in love with’ Dappy.

Next to take to the stage is Liz with her fashion critic. ‘The celebrity Big Brother bedroom resembles an explosion in a Primark factory’. She continues, ‘Jim, your blue sweater is as old as your jokes! If Linda were to start in her own reality TV show it would be called Made in China!’

Up next is Lee who performs his self-penned track called Ruled by the Moon. Luisa tells Lee, ‘you touched me in places that I never knew!’

Casey takes to the stage, and introduces herself: ‘Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Racey Casey.’ Her stand-up performance ends with, ‘if you got it flaunt it!’ Jim thinks she is going o be a
comedy star.

Finally it’s over to Ollie and Sam with their constructed reality scene. As part of their act, Ollie tells her, ‘I’ve been seeing someone…it’s Linda.’ Sam replies, ‘you’re f**king joking?!’ The pair continues their sketch which ends with Ollie getting down on one knee and proposing to Sam. Luisa tells them that they are both talented; Linda said they were both fabulous and Jim thinks that they were better than some professional comedians.

Ollie and Sam are crowned winners of the task, Dappy was a close second. Housemates are rewarded with a party.

Jim and Liz are sitting in the living area whilst the other
housemates are dancing to I’m in the Mood for Dancing in the bedroom.

Most of the housemates are now dancing in the living area.

Jim is in the diary room and explains that his perfect night does not involve dancing and he doesn’t want to join in with his housemates.

In the living area, Lee and Casey attempt the Dirty Dancing lift dance move.

Luisa uses Ollie’s earrings as her nipples and pretends to Dappy that she has erect nipples.

Luisa asks Dappy to look down her top, she reveals her fake nipples. He shouts, ‘I knew it!’

In the garden, Dappy is talking to himself about how Luisa and Casey are ‘driving him crazy’.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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