Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman shares her breast milk

Luisa Zissman.

Luisa Zissman shares her breast milk on Celebrity Big Brother 2014 this evening in possibly one of the show's strangest ever scenes.

We've seen some pretty weird goings on in the house over Big Brother's decade on air but tonight sees something completely different.

It all begins innocently enough with Luisa discussing milk with fellow celeb housemates Ollie Locke and Lee Ryan.

“Do you like a bit of milk Ollie?” Luisa asks the Made In Chelsea star, later adding: “Have you ever tried breast milk?”

After both Lee and Ollie reply no, Luisa boasts: “I can still squeeze”

“No you can’t. You’re are such a liar!” Ollie tells her.

“I’ll show you, c’mon I’ll show you," Luisa says as she escorts the pair of boys to the toilet.

An overwhelmed Lee asks: “ Are you joking?”

In the bathroom and Lee reacts: “ That’s not breast milk! … I can do that to my breast!”

“I’ve never seen that in my life, ever!” Ollie gasps at the sight of a topless Luisa.

Lee brags: “I can do that”

Luisa warns the Blue singer: “Stop it Lee, you will bleed”

A rather repulsed Ollie reacts to Lee's attempt to lactate: "Eurgh what is that? Why are you lactating? You are not meant to lactate!”

Watch it all - if you dare - when Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs this evening at 9:45PM on Channel 5.

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