Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 15 highlights and recap

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Tonight's latest Celebrity Big Brother highlights sees yet more Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor drama, before one more housemate is evicted.

Dappy and Jim are talking on the sofas. Jim is telling Dappy that he is glad that Dappy didn’t leave yesterday following the IQ Test.

In the bedroom, Ollie speculates to Sam and Casey that Dappy has packed his bags because he is scared of being evicted. Luisa describes Dappy to housemates as a “sensitive soul.”

Dappy is called to the Diary Room to talk about how he is feeling. Dappy tells Big Brother he wants to leave and has packed.

Luisa, Lee and Ollie are making ‘rude food.’

Luisa, Ollie and Lee then discuss breast milk. Luisa claims that she can still express milk. Ollie and Lee are shocked and Luisa says: “I’ll show you.” Ollie, Lee and Luisa go into the toilet and Luisa demonstrates.

Lee then demonstrates to Casey, Ollie and Luisa that he too can in fact ‘lactate.’ Ollie is shocked by the revelations.

Jim tells housemates that Dappy is “agitated.” Sam and Jim discuss possible reasons for why Dappy is acting in this manner. Jim claims that “something has affected Dappy.”

Lee is trying to make amends with Casey. The pair make-up with Lee explaining his reasons for being angry with Casey. He says: “There was a reason but I’ll talk to you about it when we are out of here.”

Ollie and Luisa attempt to cheer a seemingly unhappy Dappy who is in the bedroom. In the kitchen Luisa and Ollie show Dappy the rude bread roll they have made him.

Lee asks Dappy if he is actually going to walk out of the house. Dappy explains to Lee and Luisa that he is upset by the task. Lee comforts Dappy and Luisa quips: “ I mean look at what Lee has done. You can console yourself with that I believe.”

Ollie and Sam are discussing their friendship. Ollie tells Sam: “You’re my little rock.” Sam replies: “I’ll be here for you.”

Dappy comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother he has changed his mind and wants to stay in the house.

Housemates are gathered in the garden for today’s task. Ollie and Lee compete against each other in the assault course for a chance to win afternoon tea with their super fan. Lee completes the assault course in a quicker time and therefore wins.

Luisa is talking to Liz and Linda about Casey and Lee. Luisa speculates that Casey may be crying “crocodile tears” and Linda says: It was only yesterday that she (Casey) said that she wasn’t going to talk to him anymore.”

Lee meets his super fan in the task room. The super fan asks Lee questions that fellow housemates are feeding her through an ear piece. As Lee did not successfully guess that housemates had been asking the questions, everyone is rewarded with a take –away.

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas for the eviction. Lionel is evicted.

Liz admits that she is homesick to Jim: “I just want to go home. I miss my animals. I’ve got no clothes left.”

Liz tells housemates she didn’t have sexual relations until she was thirty – years old. Luisa tells housemates that Casey has never had an orgasm whilst with a man. Linda tells housemates her first orgasm was with her husband when she was 20 years old. She then goes on to reveal that she had sex with men other than her husband but her husband was always present. She declares: “I’m a Nolan – not a nun!”

Dappy is drunk and is singing about evicted housemate Lionel. Luisa invites Liz to one of her sex parties so that Liz can write about it.

Dappy is singing “Lord Lionel Blair” in the bathroom with only a towel to cover his modesty. Luisa is in the shower and invites Dappy to join her. The pair joke and sing together in the shower.

Jim’s asleep in the lodge. He comes into the house to Dappy who apologises for the noise. In the bedroom Luisa and Jim argue because she screams calling him the “Grim Reeper.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9:45PM on Channel 5.

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