Celebrity Big Brother 2014 contestants fool Lee Ryan in latest task

Lee Ryan.

Lee Ryan was fooled by his fellow housemates on Celebrity Big Brother 2014 yesterday.

Two Housemates - Ollie and Lee - were be told that they each had a super fan, and that one of these superfans would win the chance to come into the house for a private dinner with their beloved celebrity Housemate.

Big Brother wanted two Housemates to experience what life is like as a superfan, and so had constructed a superfan themed assault course in the garden. The Housemate that recorded the fastest time on the assault course would win their fan the private dinner.

Lee won the Superfan Assault course in the time of 1.12 seconds.

As the winning Housemate, Lee then enjoyed a private dinner with his fan in the task room.

However – what Lee didn’t know was that in fact their superfan was actually an actor wearing a secret earpiece, and that their conversation was being controlled by the Housemates, who were secretly feeding the superfan questions to ask during their date.

The other Housemates were gathered in the Living Area, watching the dinner on the screen, with a microphone to secretly communicate with the superfan

When Lee returned to the house, the celebrities successfully kept the fact that the Superfan was an actress. Therefore housemates won themselves a takeaway dinner.

The task will air on tonight's latest highlights show on Channel 5.

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