Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy threatens to quit after losing IQ test


Dappy has threatened to leave the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house after losing an IQ test.

Cheeky Big Brother yesterday gave both Dappy and Luisa Zissman a special test to complete to decide once and for all who was the smartest.

It followed a rather heated row between the pair last week, which saw Luisa brush the N-Dubz star and his “low IQ” off.

Challenging Luisa to an IQ test, Dappy bragged at the time: “I’d beat you, I got an A+ in English, an A+ in Maths and a B in music, what did you get, an A in stuck up?”

Well, Big Brother stepped to put an end to all the speculation and theories about who would come out on top.

Yesterday, BB called both Dappy and Luisa into the Diary Room in turn to answer a series of questions. They weren’t told whether their answers were right or wrong.

The questions tested a series of topics, from geography to general knowledge, with an average score of 63%.

Dappy scored just 6%, while Luisa's above average score saw her easily beat the rapper.

As a result, Dappy was forced to wear a dunces hat while Luisa wore a gold star.

But an angry Dappy later stormed to the Diary Room demanding Big Brother not show the footage.

He warned producers he'd leave if they did, insisting that despite the result he was "street smart".

Big Brother however refused to negotiate and talked Dappy into sleeping on his decision to walk out.

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