Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy and Luisa take IQ tests - but who won?


Cheeky Big Brother has given both Dappy and Luisa Zissman IQ tests to complete to decide once and for all who is the smartest.

It follows a rather heated row between the pair last week, which saw Luisa brush Dappy and his “low IQ” off.

Challenging Luisa to an IQ test, Dappy bragged at the time: “I’d beat you, I got an A+ in English, an A+ in Maths and a B in music, what did you get, an A in stuck up?”

Well, Big Brother is always happy to help settle an argument in the house.

Yesterday, BB called both Dappy and Luisa into the Diary Room in turn to answer a series of questions. They weren't told whether their answers were right or wrong.

Later, Big Brother announced the results to the whole house: Luisa had come out on top.

We guess that settles that!

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