Celebrity Big Brother news: Jasmine Waltz left house before eviction

Jasmine Waltz

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother 2014 contestant Jasmine Waltz has revealed she left the house before she was kicked out.

The American model was let out of the compound on Friday for an MRI scan to diagnose a back injury.

Despite being seen writhing around on top of certain housemates, Jasmine told how she was in almost constant pain for the duration of her stay.

"I've had a bad lower back issue for a while, coming into the house it just started getting worse and worse," the actress (of sorts) explained. "The last four days I have lost all the feeling in my left leg.

"They [Big Brother bosses] pulled me out of the house yesterday on my last day and I went to have an MRI scan."

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Jasmine continued: ""The doctor looked at it and said, 'This is not good.' I have a slipped disc and it's completely turned around.

"The nerve that is meant to be straight is completely bent, it might snap.

"I have to get surgery, he said I should do it this week."

Meanwhile, Jasmine has refused to say what went on in the toilet between herself and Lee Ryan, remarking only that the pair "did stuff".

She said: "We connected on every level. And we couldn’t get enough of each other. I loved kissing him. I loved being close to him.

“In the toilet on the spaceship we kissed and made out and did stuff – but we turned on the taps so people wouldn’t hear us."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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