Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 14 highlights and recap

Jim is saved from evictionIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Day 14 in the Celebrity Big Brother house saw the group prepare for tonight's eviction.

Luisa and Casey are talking to Linda about how she is feeling after her argument with Jim.

Jim is in the kitchen talking to Lionel about his argument with Linda.

Casey is in the bedroom talking about Lee. She is telling the housemates that she is waiting on an apology from Lee.

Jim tries to apologise to Linda but she ignores him.

Casey is talking about Lee to her fellow housemates. She claims that she will be keeping her distance from him.

Lee is talking to Ollie about how he misses Jasmine.

Sam, Luisa and Casey are talking about Jasmine and Lee. They are speculating about what will happen with Jasmine and Lee when they leave the house.

Linda is crying in the diary room talking about her argument with Jim last night.

Linda is telling Lee about what happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room.

Lee is talking to Dappy about Casey “playing a game.”

Casey is talking about Lee to Ollie and Luisa. Casey tells them that she doesn’t want to talk to Lee and will not talk to him when she gets out of the house.

Liz interviews housemates for a story with help from her assistant Dappy as part of a task “Liz’s Letters.”

Liz reads aloud the story she has written to the rest of the housemates. The main story focuses on the ‘love triangle’ between Lee, Jasmine and Casey. Liz talks about how Lee has a told a source that Casey only liked Lee for publicity. Liz also mentions how Casey has dealt with the situation with ‘dignity’.

Linda and Casey are talking about Lee and how he looks ‘stupid’ after Liz’s story.

Lee is talking to Dappy about Casey and how he is worried what Jasmine is going think about him kissing Casey in the Bolt Hole.

Lee tells Luisa that he just wants to ‘go now.’

Dappy tells Lee that he was the one who told Liz about their conversation about Casey. Lee is upset with Dappy for telling Liz and Dappy tries to apologise.

Luisa and Liz are talking about why Lee is upset with Dappy.

Dappy apologises to Lee again and tells Lee that Casey is denying what Lee has said.

Luisa and Dappy are set an IQ test to settle an old score between them. Luisa comes out top.

Jim and Linda are in the bedroom. Jim says how he is ‘truly sorry’ for what he said. Linda thanks him and goes to bed.

Luisa is talking to Lee and questions him about what happened in the Bolt Hole between him and Casey. Luisa tells Lee that everyone must be ‘sick’ of hearing about the situation now and he should just go back in the house and enjoy himself.

Lee is in the diary room explaining his reasons for isolating himself from the house today. Lee admits that he doesn’t actually want to leave.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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