Celebrity Big Brother 2014 results: Jasmine Waltz claims Casey Batchelor was just jealous!

Jasmine Wlatz.

Jasmine Waltz has claimed that Casey Batchelor was just jealous of her in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Jasmine, who was voted out of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 tonight, came bottom in this week's public poll alongside Liz Jones, Luisa Zissman and Jim Davidson.

Speaking to host Emma Willis about being out of the house, Jasmine reacted: "It's so weird, watching it on the screen... it felt like you were in this tight little box and you couldn't get out.

"I wanted to stay in but I'm not upset about leaving, I know being out means I have less stress!"

It was then on to talking about the love triangle, with Emma quizzing Jasmine on whether she even fancied Lee Ryan at the start: "Err... I don't know, it was really weird in the beginning. I thought he was cute."

After watching some of the footage back, Jasmine said: "I think I always understood why Casey Batchelor felt hurt because she had a crush on him... but I didn't realise she liked him that much.

"[In the end] I just stopped caring... I wanted to protect her feelings but after she did nominate me and the reason was a lie, I just lost interest in trying to protect her, why should I when she's just out to get me anyway? Lee hurt her more than I did, he led her on. I assume she was jealous and wanted me out of the house."

Asked whether or not it will continue on the outside, Jasmine replied: "I honestly don't know, I'll see him when he gets out but I really can't predict the future."

But she admitted: "I wouldn't put it past him [going back to Casey]."

And as for what went on in the toilet between her and Lee, Jasmine insisted: "It was just kissing!"

Finally, Jasmine notably backed Ollie Locke or Sam Faiers to win the series.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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