Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 12 highlights and recap


Day 12 in the Celebrity Big Brother house saw arguments and rows aplenty.

Luisa and Lionel are woken up by the sound of a baby crying in the ‘most annoying room.’

Luisa is in the diary room telling Big Brother that Jim would be the worst person to spend the night with in the most annoying room.

Housemates take part in their final vote of the task. The housemates have to guess who was doing the secret task of being the ‘one decider.’ All housemates vote Jim; therefore he failed his because they guessed his role. Housemates lose their shopping task and have to live on a basic budget.

Big Brother then tells housemates they will have no hot water, electrical appliances or their beauty products returned until further notice, because Luisa stole the champagne and chocolates whilst she was in the ‘most annoying room’.

Housemates are talking about Luisa and Jasmine breaking the rules. Jasmine was seen putting on mascara even though all beauty products should have been confiscated, Lionel calls Luisa and Jasmine ‘stupid’ and ‘selfish’.

Jasmine and Luisa are in the bedroom talking about Lionel ‘b*tching’ about them. Luisa tells Ollie and Jasmine that Lionel was the one who told her to steal the chocolates.

Luisa and Lionel have an argument over Luisa stealing the champagne and chocolates.

Lee and Jim have a chat with Lionel in the garden. Lee tells Lionel that he is worried about him and Jim says ‘we are on your side.’

Luisa tells housemates that Lionel should just admit that Lionel is wrong. Jim and Luisa start to argue about how sorry Luisa really is.

Liz is in the diary room talking about being up for nomination. Liz thinks that there isn’t much of reason to save her compared to the rest of the housemates and that no one will miss her in the house.

Lionel is in the garden with Ollie, Sam and Linda talking about Luisa and Jasmine breaking the rules.

Housemates receive their basic food budget. Ollie asks Luisa if she will help him make bread. Luisa refuses and says that she will not cook. Luisa then tells housemates that she will cook for everyone apart from Lionel and Jim. Lee then calls Luisa ‘petty’ and to ‘grow up’.

Housemates talk about the cooking situation and try to figure out who will cook for which housemates. Luisa still refuses to cook for Jim and Lionel because they ‘hate’ her.

Jasmine is in the diary room talking about how she thinks other housemates would love her and Luisa to be evicted.

Lionel and Luisa make up and apologise to each other. They explain how they are both short tempered and both laugh at the fact that Jim will not like the fact they are friends again.

Casey is talking to Jim in the bedroom about Lee and Jasmine. Casey tells Jim that it’s hard to see Lee and Jasmine together right in front of her face but she doesn’t want to keep on going on about it because she doesn’t want to seem ‘whiney’.

Ollie is telling Sam that she is ‘far more beautiful’ without her makeup on.

Luisa is in the diary room talking about how she is happy that she made up with Lionel. Luisa then tells big brother about how she doesn’t like Jim and how ‘ideal’ it would be if Jim is evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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