Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 11 highlights and recap

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Tonight's latest CBB UK highlights sees the group get a new shopping task.

Today is the first day of the shopping task and housemates must vote as a democracy on a number of decisions. When they hear the siren all housemates must take their seats at the voting station immediately. The first vote is whether housemates should eat grey slop or curry. What the housemates don’t know is that this is not a democracy. The only vote that counts is Jim’s; he isn’t wearing his glasses and chooses slop.

Luisa makes tea from an old tea bag, Ollie asks if Jim can have some tea, Luisa declines.

Linda speaks to Big Brother about Jim’s reaction to Luisa’s nomination and how he ‘threw his toys out the pram.’

Lee and Jasmine get closer under the covers under Casey’s watchful eye. Sam and Casey discuss Lee and Jasmine’s kiss under the bed clothes and that he’s making himself look ‘stupid.’

Linda and Lionel are in the garden chatting about Jim nominating Luisa. Linda is surprise that Jim didn’t nominate her.

The second democracy vote is for the most boring housemate. Jim voted Linda therefore she is named the boring housemate. Linda then has paint poured over her head and has to watch the paint dry because she was named the most boring housemate.

Lionel is in the diary room talking about Linda being the most boring housemate.

Luisa, Lionel and Sam talk about Jim in the garden. Sam thinks Jim wants to stay the most.

The third vote is to decide to sacrifice cigs or beauty products, Jim chose beauty products. Housemates remove makeup and hand in all products. All of the housemates voted to sacrifice cigarettes except Jim.

Jim is in the diary room discussing how he is enjoying the task. Jim thinks the housemates think that Big Brother is playing games but he is working out a plan to try throwing them off that track.

Lee and Jasmine spend some time together in the lodge. Casey and Sam are talking about Lee and Jasmine while looking on from bedroom, Casey says how he has ‘disrespected’ her.

Lee and Jasmine dry hump in the living area in front of all housemates

The next vote is for one killer nomination and whoever the majority vote for will face eviction on wed night. Jim picks Lee; the majority of housemates also pick Lee including Casey. However what housemates don’t know is that Lee will not actually be up for eviction and this is a fake nomination.

Lionel tells Jasmine that the housemates will get into trouble because she is wearing lipstick. Lee tells Lionel not to shout at her.

Casey in diary room talking about putting Lee up for nomination during the democracy task.

Lee and Jasmine are in the lodge talking about the first time they made eye contact and how ‘intense’ that moment was.

The next vote is for the two most annoying housemates, Jim picks Luisa and Lionel. However, the democracy actually voted for Jasmine and Jim.

Lionel and Louisa have to spend the night in the ‘most annoying room in the World’ because of Jim’s vote. The most annoying room consisted of wonky furniture, squeaky pillows and locked cage that contained a double bed, chocolates and champagne.

Jim and Jasmine have a chat in the bedroom as Jim tells Jasmine she is a good kid when she’s not ‘gobbing off.’

Luisa and Lionel try to open the caged room with a key they unravelled from a big chain, however the chain isn’t long enough to get to the lock. The phone rings and it’s an automated call to annoy Luisa and Lionel.

Luisa climbs over the railings to grab the champagne and chocolates ignoring Big Brothers request to not climb due to health and safety reasons.

Sam is talking to Lee in the bedroom about how ‘quiet’ she is in the house. Sam tells Lee that she is having fun but there are a lot of loud personalities in the house.

Luisa and Lionel are trying to sleep but alarm clocks keep ringing, there are lots of different clocks on the wall that they have to find to turn off. Also every time they move their pillow will squeak.

Luisa is in the diary room being told off for climbing the cage and she is told that if does it again there will be ‘serious consequences’. Luisa tells Big Brother that she has nothing to lose as she will probably be evicted on Wednesday and if she stays she doesn’t mind eating chickpeas. Luisa says that Jim called her ‘selfish’ so that’s the way she will act.

Luisa and Lionel are still trying to sleep in the most annoying room in the World. The alarm clocks are going off and the phone begins to ring. Lionel answers to someone constantly asking for ‘Mildred.’ Lionel answers the phone to say ‘go f*$* yourself’ then hangs up.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs this evening at 9PM o Channel 5.

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