Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman sent to jail

Luisa Zissman jail

Luisa Zissman has been spending the afternoon in the Celebrity Big Brother jail.

For this week's new CBB shopping task housemates are working together for a better Big Brother, forming democracy to decide all sorts of dilemmas posed to them in the house over the next two days.

But - being Big Brother - there's a twist: Only Jim Davidson's vote will actually count and he's on a secret mission not to make this known to the other celebs.

Today he decided to send Luisa directly to jail and much to her upset she has to remain there until further notice. It followed Luisa yesterday being branded the most annoying housemate alongside Lionel Blair, with the pair spending the night in the annoying room.

Soon however all will be revealed: Later this afternoon, all the Housemates will be gathered, and it will be revealed that throughout the task only ONE voting pad had been active and that one Housemate has secretly been making all the decisions.

Big Brother will then reveal the final twist and if the housemates pass they will receive a luxury shopping budget. It they fail they will live on basic rations for the next week.

Highlights of yesterday's task action air in tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of Luisa and Lionel in the annoying room below...

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