Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Luisa Zissman is on to Big Brother's latest twist

Jim Davidson (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Celebrity Big Brother's house detective Luisa Zissman is onto Big Brother's latest twist.

For this week's latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 shopping task housemates have been told they are working together for a better Big Brother.

The group have formed democracy to decide all sorts of dilemmas posed to them in the house over the next two days such as what to eat and which housemates should complete certain tasks.

But - being Big Brother - there has been a twist: Only Jim Davidson's vote will actually count and he's on a secret mission not to make this known to the other celebs. If he can keep the twist a secret until the end of today then the group will win a luxury shopping budget but if he's found out the group get nothing.

Just an hour into this morning and Luisa was close to sniffing out the truth.

"We've lost the shopping task, it's not a democracy, it's all rigged," she declared after the group (i.e. Jim) last vote to eat slop rather than curry for dinner.

"I know it's rigged, I know for a fact that we didn't vote for that slop, it was all ready prepared," she claimed. "You could tell that no one wanted the slop."

Luisa also pointed out she didn't believe that Lionel would've really been voted as the most annoying housemate, adding: "I can tell it's rigged because me and Jasmin are the most annoying housemates."

Fortunately, Luisa currently thinks it's just Big Brother that's messing with the other housemates rather than Jim, so the shopping budget is safe for the time being.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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