Celebrity Big Brother UK: Lee Ryan's Blue bandmates defend his antics

Lee Ryan.

Lee Ryan's Blue bandmates have defended his latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 antics.

The singer has been branded a 'love rat' after going from girl to girl in the house, leading to a crowd full of boos when he was 'fake evicted' last week.

But bandmate Duncan James claimed that Casey Batcher had to share some of the blame.

He explained: "Casey, she's acting like a bunny boiler. She must have known what Lee is like. All you have to do is Google Lee Ryan and see what he's been like in the past. She's not that dumb - she's a 28-year-old girl."

Duncan continued: "I just think you're a grown woman, you're not a child, you should be in control of your emotions at that age and know... And then for her to go back into that Bolt Hole [where Lee and Casey were placed into after being fake evicted] and be like, 'Oh I've got no knickers on, how do I kiss, do I kiss good?'

"It's like, come on girl, you know what you're doing, you know what you're playing. So don't make out that you're this poor heartbroken victim."

And speaking separately, Antony Costa agreed.

He told This Morning: "As we all know it takes two to tango, it’s not just all Lee. Lee’s a good lad, I wouldn't be in a band with him for 14 years if he wasn’t so he’s got a heart of gold, he’s a good lad."

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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