Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan gets nominated and is NOT happy (but it's all a lie!)

lee in the diary room

Lee Ryan was 'nominated' for eviction in the latest Celebrity Big Brother UK twist yesterday.

For this week's Celebrity Big Brother shopping task housemates are working together for a better Big Brother.

They have formed a democracy to decide all sorts of dilemmas posed to them in the house over the next two days.

But - being Big Brother - there's a twist: Only Jim's vote will actually count and he's on a secret mission not to make this known to the other celebs.

Yesterday evening the group were asked Who would Housemates like to nominate? The results of the week’s nominations have already been revealed to the house, but they will now be given a chance to add one to their number... or so they think. The nominated Housemate will not really face the public vote – but until the end of the task they will believe that they have been put up by their fellow Housemates.

The housemates (or rather Jim) chose Lee to be nominated alongside the four already (really) up for the eviction, and he wasn't pleased

He ranted about the group to Jasmine: "I'm sick of the way everyone has a low respect level for everyone the house. I'm sick of trying to keep the peace, it's rude.

"The way they all talk to each other. It's so disrespectful. I'd never do it."

He added: "If I get voted out I'd be happy as I think the respect level has gone in this house and it's not nice to be around. It's not fun anymore. Today I must have f**ked them all off."

Highlights of the task will air in tonight's latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights show on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of yesterday's house action below...

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