Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 10 highlights and recap


Nominations were all anyone was talking about in the CBB UK house yesterday.

It’s the morning after Jim and Jasmine’s argument and Jim is seemingly still annoyed. “It was hell last night Lionel” Jim says.

In the bedroom, Jasmine refers to Jim as “obnoxious” to Linda.

In the bathroom Lee and Jasmine find a butterfly in the bathroom. The pair begin to discuss their spirituality. Lee believes the butterfly is his Granddad.

Luisa and Jim discuss the noise from last night.

Ollie is asking Sam about his looks. He is questioning whether he should go for a more “rugged look.”

Luisa is talking about Lee’s band mate Duncan. Luisa tells Lee that he is the second best looking member in Blue.

Housemates partake in a medieval fantasy game. The housemates are split into two teams, the ‘Knights’ and the ‘Ninnyhammers’. The first task involves housemates running away from the 'beast' with sausages (a dog), the team that has the first sausage bitten will loose the point. The second task is to create the best magic potion. The final task is between Lee and Casey - a joust and they must try not to be knocked off their platform. Casey wins a banquet meal for The Knights.

Housemates nominate face to face. Liz, Luisa, Jasmine and Jim face eviction.

Lionel is in the Smoking Area talking to Jasmine about the nominations.

Jim is in the Diary Room talking about Luisa and Lionel. He claims that it was obvious Luisa would nominate him and quips: “I’m not going to buy any of her cakes.” Jim speculates that he knew Lionel would nominate him and declares: “Anybody that knows Lionel will know why he has nominated me.”

Sam confesses to Linda that Lee’s nomination for her was unnecessary. Linda then explains to Liz why her comments have upset Jasmine. Liz realises what she has said and is apologetic.

In the Smoking Area Lionel declares to Louisa: “I don’t think Jim will go.” Luisa admits that she “despises” Jim and claims: “I generally believe he can’t stand women like me.” Lionel confides in Luisa and says: “I know that he doesn’t really like me.”

In the Smoking Area Jasmine is reeling over Casey’s nomination for her. Jasmine tells Lee “Now I know you obviously hurt her.”

Lee explains to Jasmine “Liz didn’t mean to hurt you.” He then quips: “So when are we going to get married?” Jasmine declares.

Liz apologises to Jasmine.

In the bedroom Sam asks Casey if she still likes Lee. Casey says: “I would never fancy him on the outside.” Sam believes Casey still has feelings because of the intense environment in the house, Casey admits that she feels “rejected.”

Casey and Ollie are in bed talking, Casey says: “It’s been a hard day.”

Dappy and Luisa are talking about Lee and Jasmine. Luisa declares “They really like each other” and Dappy agrees. He goes on to describe Lee as “vulnerable” and Luisa says: “ Lee wears his heart on his sleeve.” Luisa describes Jasmine as a “bad girl” and says whilst she loves her, she hopes that Lee doesn’t get hurt.

Lee and Jasmine are having a chat in the toilet. Lee is telling Jasmine how he doesn’t want her to go back to the US.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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