Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 9 highlights and recap


Day 9 saw the CBB housemates given a new task to come up with some entertaining TV.

It’s Lee and Casey’s first morning back in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Evander has been evicted.

Lionel and Jim are talking about Luisa in the garden. Jim tells Lionel the he told her that there’s ‘more than just Planet Lu Lu’.

Lee is cooking sausages, he went to ask Liz if she wanted a sausage, she replies: ‘that’s the best offer’.

In the bathroom, Casey is telling Linda that when she and Lee were in the Bolt Hole, it was like how they first used to be together, before anything got ‘interrupted’, ‘he will still be a friend forever…it is what it is I guess’.

In the living area, Lionel is teaching Dappy some dance moves.

Casey tells Jim she’s happy that he stayed, which he appreciates. Jim tells Casey that she has a cheerful face and that she should have just ‘sh*gged’ Lee to get it out her system. She replies, ‘not in the house’. Casey tells Jim that she and Lee have amazing banter, and that Lee fancies her and Jasmine. Jim tells her that, ‘everyone fancies you’.

Big Brother calls reality star Sam into the diary for her secret task: SAM’S CONSTRUCTED SCENES.

Secondly, Big Brother asks Sam to take one housemate up to the lodge and ask who that housemate fancies. Sam picks Ollie, and in private and asks him who he fancies the most in the house. Ollie seems bemused, and picks Sam. She replies, ‘I fancy you to!’ Ollie comments, ‘I don’t think I believe you as I’m not sure you would say it like that’.

Finally, Big Brother asks Sam to lose her temper with one housemate and then return to the diary room. Sam asks Jasmine if she and Luisa have been whispering about her behind her back. Luisa replies, ‘Only that you and Ollie are Mr and Mrs Perfect.’

Sam returns to the diary room saying that her secret task was really hard for her. Big Brother tells her she did a sterling job and rewarded her with a box of treats for her housemates that included photos from home. On hearing the news that Sam was on a secret task, Ollie tells her, ‘I knew it was a task!’

Task CERTIFICATE 18 begins. Two specially themed rooms have been opened, one that has been given a U certificate and the other an 18 certificate.

U certificate room housemates are as follows: Dappy, Casey, Jim, Linda and Liz who are all dressed in clown type outfits, with character ‘Mr Monkey’ making an appearance. The task ncludes Dappy
singing ‘when you’re happy and you know it’ and Mr Monkey cream pies

18 certificate room housemates are as follows: Jasmine, Lee, Ollie, Luisa, Lionel and Sam who are all dressed in PVC outfits. They start with having to heavy metal moshing, followed by pole dancing from Lee and Luisa. Lee tells Jasmine that he got a ‘hard on’.

Big Brother was amazed by housemate’s effort in the task, so they all received a reward of music, food and drink for all to enjoy.

Lionel tells Big Brother that he is finding Luisa and Jasmine annoying.

Jim and Lionel are n the garden. The pair agrees that Luisa and Jasmine are ‘aggravating’. Jim says that Lee is a single man and he can do what he wants. They also both agree that they ‘love Ollie’.

In the garden, Luisa tells housemates that Jim ‘is so grumpy’. Jim enters the garden, Luisa shouts, “Come on Jim you grumpy b*stard!”

Jim tells Linda and Lionel what Luisa just called him. Jim says he will go to bed when everyone else goes to bed as he won’t be able to sleep.

Music is played into the house, some of the housemates dance in the living area; Jim goes to sit outside on his own.

The lights are still on in the bedroom, all housemates are in bed. Luisa and Jasmine start giggling, Jim gets out of his bed and leaves to go and sit in the garden alone. Jasmine follows him.

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening at 9PM on Channel 5.

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