Celebrity Big Brother latest: Luisa Zissman annoys grumpy Jim Davidson

Luisa Zissman.

It seems that if there's a row in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, Luisa Zissman is in the centre of it.

The confrontational Apprentice star spent Friday night clashing first with Dappy and later with Lionel Blair while yesterday she was feuding with Casey Batchelor.

Just an hour into the her Sunday this morning and once again Luisa was finding herself bickering with another housemate.

"I couldn't sleep, you kept me awake last night," Jim Davidson told her.

"And last night was the same with your snoring, what goes around comes around," Luisa replied. "I aplogised to you and said sorry, you said 'Don't worry, go and have fun'."

Jim continued: "I'm going to sleep somewhere else last night. I had no choice with my snoring, you had a choice whether to keep me awake. [But] you have fun, you enjoy it."

"Well don't moan then!" Luisa told him.

Later, Luisa confided in Linda Nolan for advice, asking: "What am I meant to do about Jim?

"He said, 'Go and have fun', so I did and now this morning he's moaning about me."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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