Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 8 highlights and recap

lee in the diary room

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues this evening with a packed show full of drama.

Linda comes into the bedroom and declares to Luisa, Sam and Jasmine that Jim is a different man when he is sober.

· In the kitchen Jim is reflecting on the argument he had with Linda. Dappy encourages Jim to ask Linda if she “likes him.” Jim declines as he doesn’t want any further arguments.

· In Big Brother’s Bolt Hole, Lee is telling Casey that he wants to talk to Jasmine when he re-enters the house. He voices his concern to Casey about Jasmine’s perception of him.

· In the kitchen Jim has finished washing up. Linda scolds him for getting the tea towel wet.

· Lee is in the diary room venting his frustration at being in isolation. He claims that Big Brother is trying to “f*** with him” but assures Big Brother: “I’m not going to walk.”

· In the bedroom, Dappy is sharing his views on women to Luisa and Jasmine. Seemingly uncomfortable, Luisa and Jasmine exit the bedroom after Evander remarks that men and women are not equal. In the Living Area, Luisa and Jasmine tell Ollie about Evander’s comments. Ollie is seemingly unimpressed.

· Luisa tells housemates that she is unhappy with the mess in the kitchen.

· Luisa and Dappy begin to argue. Luisa claims that Dappy’s mum will be ashamed of him for the views he’s expressed.

· In the smoking area Evander agrees with Dappy over his remarks saying ”women can do things men can’t and men can do things that women can’t.”

· Luisa enters the diary room to talk about Dappy and Dappy listens outside the door.

· Luisa leaves the Diary Room and Dappy tells her that he has heard everything she has said. Luisa and Dappy continue to argue.

· Dappy enters the diary room to discuss what Luisa has said. Meanwhile Luisa is crying in the toilet.

· Linda tells Luisa “You shouldn’t have spoken about his mother.” Luisa agrees.

· Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the eviction.

· Jim, Jasmine and Liz are safe from eviction. Lee and Casey choose to save Luisa and Evander is therefore evicted from the house.

· Dappy is noticeably emotional following Evander’s eviction.

· Jasmine, Lee and Casey are discussing the ‘love triangle’ situation.

· Dappy is still emotional over Evander’s departure from the house.

· In the garden, Luisa tells Lionel she’s glad the young ones are back because the house was boring and full of old people. Lionel is shocked.

· Lionel tells Luisa that he was offended by Luisa’s earlier comments and they begin to argue. Lionel declares that Luisa does mean what she says. Linda defends Luisa and says that she speaks before she thinks. Jim says “Haven’t we had enough arguments?” and Luisa bursts into tears.

· Luisa is crying in bed and Jasmine is comforting her.

· Dappy asks “Lord Lionel” if he is okay. Linda explains that Luisa is crying because she knows that she has upset Lionel. Lionel is unsympathetic. Dappy and Linda argue over his remarks about Luisa.

· In the Kitchen, Dappy apologises to Luisa for what he has said. Lionel and Linda watch on as Dappy and Luisa embrace. Lionel says that he is “thrilled” that the pair have made up.

· In the Smoking Area, Lee admits to Jasmine that he likes her. Jasmine begins to cry as Lee explains his strong feelings towards her.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9:45PM on Channel 5.

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