Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Big Brother breaks up Luisa Zissman, Dappy fight

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Big Brother was forced to break up a fight in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night as Dappy and Luisa Zissman went head to head.

The drama all happened before yesterday's live eviction, starting in the early evening with Dappy clashing with Luisa and Jasmine Waltz over apparently sexist comments he made against women.

Luisa and Dappy had a slanging match but things calmed down and seemed to be over.

However, Dappy wasn't happy with one thing in particular Luisa said in their earlier argument.

The Apprentice star had remarked: “Your mum should be ashamed with your attitude to women, I bet she’d be absolutely disgusted and I think the nation watching this now would be in complete agreement with me.”

Dappy went back to Luisa to try and bring her up on the comments about his mum, but she brushed him and his "low IQ" off.

Challenging Luisa to an IQ test, Dappy bragged: "I'd beat you, I got an A+ in English, an A+ in Maths and a B in music, what did you get, an A in stuck up?"

Luisa complained to Linda in the bedroom that Dappy was "harassing" her, claiming that he was "following" her around the house and being intimidating.

In the kitchen and as Luisa waited to enter the Diary Room things got very heated with Luisa screaming at the N-Dubz star: "If you come near me one more time... "

Holding a bottle in her hand and threatening to throw it at Dappy, Luisa added: "Quit following me around the house... f**k off!"

She later confided in some of the other housemates: "I really hope that I get evicted tonight, I can't stay in the same space as someone like that."

Big Brother stepped in to try and split the warring pair up but an upset Luisa rushed to the bathroom to sob about the argument which by now had got the whole house involved in some way.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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