Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 7 highlights and recap


It's a feature packed Celebrity Big Brother 2014, as Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor cause mischief from their secret room.

From the Bolt Hole - Lee and Casey are watching Jasmine and Ollie hugging each other. Lee is telling Casey that he thinks that Jasmine and Ollie will get together. Casey then laughs at Lee crying over Jasmine the night before.

Lee is in the diary room talking about his behaviour in the house.

Luisa is telling Jasmine that she wishes Dappy had been evicted from the house, rather than Casey and Lee.

Lee tells Casey a story about him being banned from a strip club because he had sex with five of the strippers in one week.

The Housemates take part in a quiz challenge ‘Slime Watch’. Celebrities must correctly predict which Housemate topped a variety of viewers polls and the ‘winners’ get slimed by the other Housemates. However, what they don’t know is that “the viewers” are in fact Casey and Lee in Big Brother’s Secret Bolt Hole.

Lee is in the diary room crying and talking about the public hating him.

Evander tells Liz and Luisa about how he had punched a horse. The Housemates are shocked.

Jasmine is in the diary room talking about Lee and Casey.

Ollie is telling Luisa that he likes Sam however he thinks that Sam would never like him.

Luisa is telling the housemates about how well mannered her daughter is and how she will never smack her.

Linda and Jim get into an argument about talking over one and other.

Linda is in the diary room talking about Jim and how he gets ‘confrontational’ when he’s had a drink.

Housemates are asking Jim about his relationship with Linda outside of the house.

Jasmine and Luisa are in bed talking about what Lee and Casey may have done in the house. Jasmine implies that Casey had told her they had done more than just kiss.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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