Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 6 highlights and recap

Dappy and Lee Ryan in the kitchenIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Day 6 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house saw a fake eviction and the first nominations.

Lionel and Jim create a new dance routine in the garden.

Lee is in the diary room talking about Casey. Lee thinks that Casey is making a bigger issue out of their situation.

Jasmine and Casey are talking about Lee in the garden. Casey tells Jasmine that Lee told her that he likes her and how they kissed in bed. Jasmine then admits to Casey that she and Lee also shared kissed in the space ship.

All housemates are gathered on the sofa ahead of the eviction. Lee, Casey and Jasmine are discussing their ‘love triangle’ relationship. The other housemates over hear their conversation and Sam jokes that ‘the truth is all coming out.’

Lee walks off into the kitchen and begins to cry.

Lee and Casey are evicted. They are taken to the bolt hole. Lee is talking to Casey about how he thinks the public hate him because of her and they discuss their situation.

Lee and Casey watch housemates talking about the eviction on the Bolt Hole monitor. They watch on as Dappy and Jasmine talk about Lee and how he dealt with the Casey and Jasmine situation.

Sam and Luisa are discussing Lee and how he will feel like an ‘a******e’ when he realises what he’s done.

Lee questions Casey about why everyone thinks he is in the wrong. An argument breaks out between them over why Casey got upset. Lee explains to Casey that he is just a flirt and that he really likes Jasmine.

Jasmine and Luisa decide to get into Lee and Casey’s bed. They discuss Lee and Casey and Jasmine says that there is probably ‘sperm’ in the bed.

Lee and Casey continue to argue until he leaves to go to diary room. Lee cries in the diary room and explains to Big Brother that he really likes Jasmine and claims that she gives him ‘butterflies’.

Housemates go into the diary room to make their nominations.

Lee and Casey are watching Jasmine and Luisa on the monitor. Casey tells Lee that she will tell Jasmine how much Lee likes Jasmine when she gets back into the house.

Dappy and Luisa argue because Luisa accuses Dappy of sleeping all the time. Dappy tells Luisa that she is too argumentative and that everyone will nominate the person who argues the most.

Dappy and Jasmine are talking about Luisa’s comments towards Dappy. Dappy tells Jasmine that people will nominate the people who argue the most.

Jim and Luisa are questioning Liz about her ‘anxiety’. Liz talks about her childhood and claims she had an overprotective mother.

Housemates gather on the sofa to hear nomination results. Liz, Jasmine, Evander, Jim and Luisa will face the next eviction.

Luisa and Jasmine are in bed talking. They refer to the other housemates as ‘jealous’ and ‘boring’. They both admit that they miss Lee and Casey because they are fun.

Casey is in diary room talking about Lee. She explains how hard it is spending alone time with Lee as she does still like him.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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