Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 5 highlights and recap


It's all about the love triangle in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights.

Casey is talking to Sam and Ollie about lee. Casey is explaining how she doesn’t believe that her, Jasmine and Lee are in a ‘love triangle’.

Jim is asking Luisa why Linda is upset with him. Luisa describes Linda as ‘menopausal’.

Ollie and Lionel are in the diary room talking about Lee and Casey’s relationship in the house.

Casey is talking to Luisa about Lee and how she feels like an ‘idiot’ but still likes him.

Dappy is in the diary room getting instructions from Big Brother on how to overthrow the aliens and win the shopping task. He chooses Evander to be his partner. Dappy and Evander enter the spaceship to complete their mission. They must burst the gunge-filled alien egg pods and then answer three killer questions about their fellow housemates.

Housemates win the luxury shopping budget.

The housemates are completing their shopping list. Luisa and Liz have an argument. Liz refers to Luisa as a ‘stupid woman’ in response to Luisa not including coffee on the list.

Casey is talking to Linda about Lee and claims that she feels like she is being ‘played’.

Jasmine is talking to Lee about considering moving to the UK. Lee tells Jasmine that she could have lots of job opportunities in London and playfully offers to marry her

Casey is talking to Linda and Sam about Lee. Casey is questioning whether she looks like a ‘bunny boiler’ and Sam suggests that she shouldn’t sleep in the same bed if she feels this way. Sam suggests Casey should talk to Lee.

Lee and Jasmine are in the bathroom whilst Casey storms in to talk to Lee. Casey takes Lee to the bedroom to express to him how she feels and they have a conversation under the duvet before Big Brother reprimands them for removing their mics.

Lee goes back into the bathroom and tells Jasmine that Casey is annoyed. Luisa walks into the bathroom and tells Lee that Casey is crying. Jasmine says that Casey is ‘over sensitive.’

Casey is crying in the bedroom toilet and talking to Linda about Lee.

Sam, Jim and Ollie are in the kitchen talking about Lee and Casey.

Sam tells Jim that Casey is upset and Jim asks if this is because of what happened with Lee and Jasmine in the toilet. Jim realises that nobody knows about Lee and Jasmine in the toilet the night before.

Casey is in the diary room crying. Casey is telling Big Brother that Lee is making her look like a ‘psycho.’

Lee and Casey are talking on the sofa; Lee tells Casey that she embarrassed him in the bathroom.

Lee and Jasmine kiss in front of Luisa in the kitchen. Luisa tells Lee and Jasmine that they should not sleep in the same bed tonight as it will look insensitive.

All Housemates are in bed apart Lee and Jasmine who are in the bedroom toilet. Lee is telling Jasmine that he doesn’t want to sleep in bed with Casey. Lee walks out the toilet and Casey tells Lee that he is making it awkward between them. Ollie agrees to sleep in the bed with Casey and Lee sleeps on the floor by imself.

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