Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Just what did Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz do in the toilet?

Lee Ryan.

There were some fumblings in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 toilet this week that's had the whole house talking.

Jim Davidson dropped a bombshell on the other housemates yesterday after he revealed he had stumbled into Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz up to mischief in the toilets.

It apparently happened Monday night after Lee and Casey Batchelor's latest showdown, with Sam Faiers explaining to the other housemates what had happened.

After Sam told the group that Casey was annoyed with Lee for giving her the cold shoulder, Jim revealed: "It might have been something to do with the toilet last night."

Wanting to know more, the other housemates pressed Jim for the gossip but he didn't have much to give, revealing only that his attempts to have a midnight pee had been thwarted but Lee and Jasmine up to no good in the bathroom (where there are no cameras).

Whether it was what (or who) went down in the toilet or something else, Casey ended the night even more upset and went to the loo herself for a cry alone.

It followed a chat between Lee and Casey where they both removed their microphones and hid under bed covers to avoid being heard.

We still don't know what was said, but Lee relayed his take on it all to Jasmine later: "She’s [Casey] f**ked off… she’s acting jealous. Extremely jealous.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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