Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Katie Hopkins blasts "revolting" Dappy

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has given her rather blunt and honest views on the Celeb Big Bro housemates.

The former Apprentice star had been tipped to enter the house last Friday night, but insisted the rumours were rubbish.

But she did appear on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side, with Emma Willis and fellow guests Matt Richardson and 5ive star and former housemate Abz Love.

For the most part, it was all negative when it came to the group, with Katie saying of Lee Ryan: "He's out of shape, not beautiful. I saw pictures of him trying to run, he can't run, he's unfit and greasy! Not a man for me."

And she complained about N-Dubz star Dappy: "He's just revolting, such a child! I'm not one for short people, ginger people or fat people."

On journalist Liz Jones, Katie took aim at her looks, saying: "As for her, I've never met Liz, she looks like she's walked into patio doors, a very flat face. Lacking personality."

Her rants continued, saying of singer Linda Nolan: "Boring old woman! Probably smells of wee. She is revolting. Her knockers are somewhere near her ankles."

However Katie did have a favourite housemate in the form of Ollie Locke: "Nice chap, rather sweet, he hasn't made his mind up whether he's gay or straight...we could tell him!"

The compliments didn't last for long, adding of Lionel Blair: "He's been let out of a care home and couldn't find his way back!"

CBB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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