Celebrity Big Borther 2014 spoilers: Did housemates pass their shopping task?


The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates have finished their first shopping task, but did they pass?

Over the past two days, housemates have been dealing with an alien invasion inside the house.

To pass the final portion of the task, Dappy and Evander Holyfield had to crack a security password on the aliens computer.

But there was a twist: The numbers in the code had to be deciphered by answering questions about their fellow housemates.

The duo were asked where Lee Ryan's band Blue finished in Eurovision (11), how many years it had been since Jim Davidson last appear on the Generation Game (12) and finally how long Jasmine Waltz's sex tape is (48).

As the pair managed to correctly figure out the three numbers within the time limit, the celebrities won a luxury budget to spend on food over the next seven days.

And here's just what they spent it on...

10 Potatoes (White)
40 Onions (brown)
20 Half a Dozen Free Range Eggs (medium)
10 Long Grain White Rice
10 Spaghetti
1 Olive Spread
1 Sunflower Oil
2 Butter Unsalted
2 Butter Salted
10 Mince
8 Chicken Thighs fillets
4 Chicken Boneless Breast Fillets
15 Unsmoked Back Bacon (8 Pack)
5 Mild Cheddar
5 Baked Beans
5 Chopped Tomatoes
10 Avocados (Medium)
10 Spinach
1 Soya Milk
8 Semi-Skimmed
15 Ham
4 French Brie
6 Pure Orange Juice
6 Apple Juice
2 Roasted Salted Peanuts
3 Cashew Nuts
2 Gluten free white sliced bread
2 Pure clear honey
2 Maple Syrup
4 Organic Cous Cous
1 Cling film
1 Kitchen foil
10 Broccoli
1 Granulated Sugar
2 Crunchy Peanut Butter
2 Smooth Peanut Butter
2 Strawberry Jam
1 Vegetarian Cumberland Sausages
2 Teabags
4 Carrots
6 Tinned Sweetcorn
2 Instant Coffee Classic
2 Marmalade, Fine Cut
4 Organic Chopped Tomatoes
1 Balsamic Vinegar
4 Lettuce (iceberg)
5 Tuna Chunks in Spring Water
1 Green Tea
1 bag Parsnips
10 Onions (brown)
1 Raspberry Jam
15 Creamed Rice Pudding
10 Penne

The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights continue on Channel 5 nightly.

Browse pictures of some of the task below...

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