Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Our top moments so far (in obligatory GIF form)


As we enter the second week of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 it's time to take to look back at the past seven days of house antics.

And boy have their been plenty, with a love triangle, nudity, fights, a fake eviction and nominations all featuring in a one of the show's most hectic first weeks ever.

We've chosen some of our highlights from the series so far below

Lionel Blair being accosted by alien invaders

Only on Celebrity Big Brother would the above sentence make any sort of sense.
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Drunk Jasmine Waltz

Falling over, riding other housemates and crawling along the ground biting legs... Jasmine's very first night in the house saw the booze take over.

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Liz Jones tries to explain why she's a celebrity

It goes without saying that the actual explaining wasn't that interesting, but Dappy's reaction was priceless and certainly echoed our opinion on the whole speech.
Liz Jones
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Dappy in a nappy

How far N-Dubz have come...
Dappy in a nappy

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Everything about Ollie Locke

The favourite to win and perhaps with good reason: A good all round guy, if a tad quiet for far, who's providing us with quite a few unintentional laughs.
Ollie Locke
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