Celebrity Big Brother news: Lee Ryan admits he fancies Jasmine Waltz

Jasmine Waltz

There's a Celebrity Big Brother love triangle forming and Lee Ryan is at the cente of it all.

The Blue singer yesterday said he had enough of being linked with Casey Batchelor, telling some of the other housemates: “I can’t sleep with her now because it’s just stupid.

“I just don’t want it and it’s not what I’m here for. I’m not here for a f**king relationship on TV.”

He insisted there was nothing to be read into his actions with the model, saying: “I cuddle everyone, I cuddled up to Ollie the other night.

“It makes me sick… the idea of it… and I can't run anywhere either. Normally I just run.”

In tonight's show, Lee is seen telling Liz Jones that he fancies Jasmine.

“I can see it ending wrong for me, I’m gonna be made out like," he explains. I’m some f**king player and then there’s Jasmine. I really fancy Jasmine I think she’s beautiful, she’s so pretty, she’s fucking hilarious, so funny like and she’s like my kind of girI. I really like her because she’s a bit damaged, like I go for people like that.”

Lee adds: “I think I’d rather eat raw slugs than get into another relationship.”

Meanwhile, Casey is talking to Linda Nolan and Sam Faiers about Lee.

She tells the pair: "I normally go for more ruggedy boys, who knows what will happen in the outside world.”

Browse pictures of Lee kissing Jasmine below...

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