Celebrity Big Brother 2014 rows! Linda Robson and Jim Davidson clash

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There is tension on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2013 as Linda Robson and Jim Davidson clash.

It all started for unknown reasons, with Jim quizzing Luisa Zissman: "Can you find out exactly what I’ve supposed to have done to upset Linda. If I’d have said shut up you stupid cow then I would have understood."

Luisa replies: “I think sometimes she thinks you are just dismissive. Just be yourself… you’re never going to please everyone”

"So I just crawl up her ass or ignore her," Jim quips, "What’s the deal? Just be myself and hope that she changes her mind?”

He added: "Cats are cats and dogs are dogs.”

Luisa tells him: “Exactly she’ll be jumping down your throat at everything you say. People hate me and you just can’t please them. Linda is just f*****g menopausal to be honest. She’s pissed me off a couple of times.”

Meanwhie, Linda is talking to housemates about Jim complaining: "He’s a man’s man. Sometimes when you talk to him he’s so patronising.”

It's not the only argument in tonight's show, with Liz Jones becoming frustrated during the time that housemates complete the shopping list.

Liz asks: “If you are all having hundreds of pounds worth of meat, I can get some coffee”

Luisa replies: “There’s only instant coffee on the list Liz”

Liz snaps: “It doesn’t cost forty pounds you stupid woman”

Luisa tells her: “Don’t talk to me like that Liz. Don’t be rude”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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