Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 4 highlights and recap


The CBB housemates get their first shopping task in tonight's latest highlights show.

Housemates are woken up by flashing lights, strange noises and a spaceship landing the garden for their UFO task. They have to complete a series of experiments to successfully win their shopping task.

Lee and Liz are the first two housemates picked to enter the spaceship to endure multiple tasks for the rest of the day.

Lee and Liz change into silver lycra costumes and the aliens begin the celebrity experiments.

Casey is in the diary room talking about the ‘quilt game’ that she and Lee play under the covers, this is where they ‘spell’ out words under the covers.

Liz and Lee are still alone in the spaceship. Liz is talking about celebrities that she has interviewed. Lee and Liz then discuss how celebrities get a ‘backlash’ from the public for having an opinion.

Lionel is given the task of copying a music tune with a plastic horn every time the tune is played in the house. The housemates receive donuts as a reward for Lionel’s efforts.

Lee tells Liz that he fancies Jasmine.

Luisa and Jasmine are also kidnapped and have joined Lee and Liz in the spaceship. Luisa and Jasmine take part in an experiment to test their egos. They are shown viewers tweets, and will then be asked whether these tweets are about them or the other housemate.

Casey is talking to Sam in the bedroom about her and Lee’s secret kiss.

Lee is talking to Luisa and Jasmine about his relationship with Casey. Lee is claiming that he just a cuddly person and doesn’t want a relationship right now.

Casey is talking to Sam and Linda about Lee not being her usual type but doesn’t know what will happen on the outside.

Jim has now entered the spaceship. His task is to eat different parts of an aliens head including ear wax, eyes and brain.

Linda is in the diary room talking about living with Jim and how she feels like ‘walking on eggshells’ with him.

The housemates are instructed by the aliens to re-enter the house so they can be observed in their natural habitat. All housemates begin to drink and have a party.

Lee is getting advice from Luisa about how he should approach Casey about their relationship in the house.

Lee is serenading the housemates in the garden, Jim tells Jasmine to ‘f**k off’, she replies to him with the same comment. Jasmine enters the tree house with Sam and Luisa and talks to them about how Jim has
spoken to her.

Lee and Casey are talking on the bed about their relationship. Lee explains how everyone is talking about them and is unclear what to do. The conversation goes back and forth as to whether they should back off each other. Lee ends by saying they should just be friends.

Linda is in the bedroom with the girls talking about how she doesn’t like Jim. Jim then walks into the bedroom and wants to know what he has done wrong. Both Linda and Jasmine try to explain their problem with Jim. Jim ends the conversation by walking out the room.

Lee, Luisa, Jasmine, Liz and Jim are recalled to the spaceship to spend the night under observation. Lee moves next to Jasmine to sleep and they both get under the covers together for a cuddle.

Casey is talking to Sam about how she and Lee have agreed to carry on as they are.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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