Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 3 highlights and recap


Day 3 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house ended up with a game of truth or dare in the hot tub.

Ollie wants to know about Jasmine and Dappy’s first night in bed together.

Ollie and Lionel are questioning Dappy in the garden about his night in bed with Jasmine.

Ollie is in the diary room telling Big Brother how much he adores Lionel.

Casey is asking Lee whether he is a ‘boob, bum or leg man’.

Luisa tells Sam, Dappy and Linda how she was diagnosed as a sex addict.

Celebrities are called into the garden to begin the ‘Tangled’ task. Lee & Casey, Lionel & Ollie and Evander & Luisa are competing for immunity. They have to untie knots from large ropes to gain access to their key. Ollie and Lionel untangle the knots the fastest and therefore gain immunity after unlocking their handcuffs.

Jasmine is giving Lee a back massage on the bed.

Ollie is crying in the diary room following his triumph in the task.

Luisa is declaring to Jasmine that she believes Lee and Casey’s relationship is a ‘showmance’. Luisa then states that if she and Jasmine were lesbians in the house that they would win the show. Jasmine then grabs Louisa’s breast.

Ollie admits to Luisa and Jasmine that he’s never actually slept with a man. He says he’s never admitted it on TV before but he’s happy in who he is and is in touch with his feminine side.

Linda tells Luisa she is being ‘bitchy’ as Luisa continues to discuss Casey’s relationship with the boys in the house.

Jasmine and Lee are in the smoking area discussing Casey. Jasmine explains to Lee that Casey may get jealous if she spends her time with him. She tells Lee that he could be seen as the ‘player’ in the house.

Casey is in the diary room telling Big Brother how she misses being handcuffed to Lee.

Lee tells Casey that they should go on holiday together if they both get evicted.

Dappy gets into the bath with Jasmine and Luisa. They are playing a game of truth or dare. Luisa and Jasmine kiss, Luisa licks Dappy’s nipples and both Dappy and Luisa ‘motorboat’ Jasmine. Luisa and Jasmine have a shower together as Dappy looks on in amazement.

Luisa then talks about Dappy being ‘a bit cringe.’ Luisa tells Big Brother that she is disappointed that Dappy was present when she was having ‘a good time’ with Jasmine.

Lee and Casey share a kiss goodnight. Casey then tells Lee that he needs to go to the ‘toilet’. Lee leaves to go to the toilet and returns to Casey who questions him on whether he is okay.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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