Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 2 highlights and recap

Casey Batchelor (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

Here's all the highlights from Day 2 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

It’s the first morning for the Celebrity housemates in the new ‘blinged’ up Celebrity Big Brother house. They are all still handcuffed to each other apart from Dappy and Liz who now face eviction.

Linda asks Jasmine if she has a hangover, she replies saying that she has a headache. Sam tells her partner that she was ‘very entertaining and didn’t offend anyone last night’. Jasmine is not feeling her best.

In the kitchen, Luisa tells Evander that she is ‘so competitive and wants to win’. Evander says he is the same.

Casey tells Lee she will ‘allow him to spoon her in bed’ as they both like cuddling.

Lionel tells Big Brother that Jasmine talks a lot and he isn’t a fan of her swearing. He goes onto say that ‘Sam is behaving like a lady’.

Jasmine is being sick in the bathroom, Sam holds back her hair.

Liz is telling some of her housemates that ‘no one likes journalists’ and that she left Marie Claire magazine because of her campaign for bigger women models. She says the magazine will never change and will continue to use skinny women.

Today’s Task: Building Block of Celebrity involves housemates telling stories from their lives.

In the task Jasmine reveals to her housemates that she punched Lindsay Lohan, and that ‘she deserved it’.

Linda reveals that this time last week she was on benefit, and that Big Brother is going to help her get back on the straight and narrow.

Evander explains that due to gambling on a fight in 1992, he and was able to buy a mansion for $20 million cash.

Ollie reveals that he had the most breaks ups – more than Spencer – on Made In Chelsea.

Dappy told the story of when he took a photo of the ‘baby’s arm holding an apple’, and that it went in every magazine which helped him reach number one in the charts.

Lionel says that he was once stalked by Joan Collins and became great fans.

Sam said that when she was once on holiday, she went on a nudist beach to get papped to ‘gain lots of press’.

Liz says she is ‘controversial about mums’, children, and people who eat meat and Holly Willoughby which caused Phillip Schofield to tell me off on telly and he tweeted about me’.

Jim asks Liz ‘how she is going to be about us?’ Liz explains she writes what she believes in. ‘If it’s not controversial I won’t write about it. I don’t write about stories that I don’t care about. I said in the piece that Holly was a Goddess and I said that Rihanna shouldn’t be a role model as she smokes marijuana. Some housemates applaud Liz.

All housemates are asked to vote for the winners of the best stories; this pair will win immunity from eviction and freedom from the handcuffs. All housemates vote for Jim and Linda, they are grateful.

Dappy is in the garden talking to himself, ‘Bye Big Brother, I’m going on Monday! I wanted to stay and entertain!’

Ollie and Lionel tell Big Brother that today’s task was very interesting. They thought Jim was brave telling his story and are worried about Liz.

On the sofas, Luisa shows Evander how she punches. Evander gives her some tips; she tries again which causes her knuckle to slightly bleed. Lee thinks that is ‘impressive’.

Lionel and Jim tell Ollie to enjoy and embrace his fame. Lionel says ‘be nice to people, that’s the most important thing’.

Big Brother calls the handcuffed housemates – one by one – into the diary room for their chance to be freed and win immunity by answering a series of questions about how well they know their partners. Whichever pair guesses most correct answers, wins.

Lee reveals and Casey correctly guessed that he most fancies Jasmine in the house and has previously cheated on a partner.

Jasmine correctly guessed that Sam thinks Lee is the sexiest in the house and that if Sam found a million pounds she would keep it rather than give to charity.

Luisa correctly guessed that Evander would rather be respected than rich.

Ollie correctly guessed that Lionel would rather be poor but loved by the public and that he would trust him 100% with a secret.

After the question task, Big Brother announces that Jasmine and Sam is the winning pair, they free themselves immediately and win immunity. They are happy.

Ollie tells Lionel that Jasmine was famous for splitting up Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

Jim tells Linda he was debating last week whether or not to enter the Big Brother house.

Sam and Jasmine discuss sleeping arrangements; Sam thinks Jasmine should share with Dappy, Jasmine she says she’s up for it.

Casey and Lee agree that Dappy should not be first to be evicted.

Casey takes off her top in the bedroom, Sam and Lee both comment on how big her boobs are, ‘I have a good bra on’.

In the garden, Ollie tells Dappy that he is ‘packing some meat’ as he saw a picture of Dappy on the Alan Carr show. Jasmine listens on. Lionel reveals that he heard Leonard Dicaprio is the ‘biggest’ in Hollywood, Jasmine says ‘it’s not true’.

In the bathroom, Casey and Lee agree to still share a bed even if they are not handcuffed to each other.

Whilst housemates are sleeping, Luisa asks Big Brother if she can sleep on the floor next to the bed. ‘There’s no room for me, he’s so big’. Big Brother tells her she must share a bed with Evander.

Lee is spooning Casey in bed.

Dappy and Jasmine are sharing the bed; he tells her ‘you have a tight little ass’. He kisses her back. Dappy states, ‘I wish there was a private room.’

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