Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy and Liz Jones are new BFFs!


It was an unlikely pairing but Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates Dappy and Liz Jones seem to have really hit it off.

The pair entered the house last night on Channel 5, handcuffed together as part of a twist.

They were quickly freed in a decision made by fellow housemates, although it seems that they would've both loved to spent more time together.

In the Diary Room, Dappy said of the Daily Mail journalist: You know what she’s special. I love Liz, she’s great. Certain journos this past year have painted me out as a monster. I’m far from it and she believes that too.

"Shout out to my sister Liz. She’s like my big sister, puts me in my place and that. I don’t want her to leave and I don’t want to leave either”

Later, Liz was in the diary room talking about Dappy.

She told Big Brother: “I feel a bit bereft from Dappy. He is so sweet and he was like forced to be my friend. I was a bit upset that he was separated from me because I was really bonding with him.

"He’s like a little meerkat and I love meerkats. I want to go to Meerkat World. He’s just so sweet and affectionate and he’s just like my new friend. I quite miss him really. I’m fond of him. I don’t think people will vote Dappy out because he is so sweet. I think I’ve hooked myself up with someone quite popular.”

Celebrity Big brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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