Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Day 1 highlights and recap

Ollie Locke.

Celebrity housemates enter the house in their pairings. They have been told that they will be handcuffed to one another until further notice. Linda and Jim have a secret power - they are told by Big Brother that at the end of the evening they will have the power to unlock one set of celebrity housemates.

• Pairings are as follows:
Lionel & Ollie, Evander & Luisa, Casey & Lee, Jim & Linda, Dappy & Liz and Jasmine & Sam.

• Linda and Jim get called to the diary room to make their decision. Celebrity housemates are seated on the sofas and watch on screen as Linda and Jim are asked to choose which celebrity pairing that they would like to be released. They choose Dappy and Liz.

• Dappy is concerned that housemates will “hate” them for being released.

• Big Brother reveals that the price Dappy and Liz will pair for their freedom is to be the first pair to face eviction.

• In the living area, Luisa attempts to bond with Evander. Evander is voicing concern over how he will be able to get undressed; Luisa encourages him to unbutton his shirt.

• Dappy is called to the diary room. Big Brother asks Dappy about his feelings towards Liz and he expresses that he really likes her. The conversation turns to Jasmine and Dappy admits that he fancies the “brunette”, comparing her to Megan Fox.

• Liz is called to the diary room. She is asked to discuss her feelings towards Dappy. Liz declares that she “misses” being handcuffed to Dappy and refers to him as her “friend.”

• Luisa confides to Evander that she believed Lionel was Lionel Richie.

• Jasmine has been drinking alcohol. Sam is in the living area when Jasmine falls over on the floor. Fellow celebrity housemates look on disapprovingly. Dappy is the first to declare that this is not something that he wishes to watch and blames her behaviour on the alcohol. Jasmine leans against Dappy on the kitchen counter. Dappy tells Jasmine that she has a “tight waist” as they flirt with one another.

• Casey and Lee are called to the diary room. Casey is being playful and accuses Lee of fancying Jasmine. Lee is dismissive of her claims, whilst referring to Jasmine as “Megan Fox.”

• In the bedroom, Jasmine is attempting to get close to Lee. Sam and Casey look on as Jasmine attempts to expose herself, before both Casey and Lee intervene. Casey tells Jasmine that she “shouldn’t be doing that.”

• Ollie and Lionel look on as Jasmine falls over in the bedroom, Ollie labels Jasmine as “wild.”

• Sam is becoming increasingly frustrated with Jasmine who is refusing to go to bed. Jasmine then climbs on top of Sam in a provocative and suggestive manner. Sam asks her to “be careful.”

• In the smoking area Jasmine is being explicit with her choice of conversation topics. Ollie, Dappy, Lionel and Sam are seemingly shocked by what she is saying. The situation is awkward and Dappy attempts to divert the conversation, but he is unsuccessful. Ollie, Dappy and Lionel leave the smoking area and Sam tells Jasmine “You shouldn’t talk like that.”

• Jasmine and Lee are comparing tattoos and discuss their mutual passion for horror films. Ollie and Lionel look over at Jasmine as Lionel voices his empathy for “poor” Sam.

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