Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy unhappy with launch night twist

Dappy (Celebrity Big Brother 2014)

CBB 2014 housemate Dappy has admitted to being unhappy with the outcome of last night's launch twist.

The celebs had entered in pairs chained together, with Dappy handcuffed to Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones.

But this being Big Brother, there was a twist: As the first pair to enter the house, Jim and Linda had the power to release one pair of housemates from their shackles, choosing Dappy and Liz.

Jim explained: “They both [already] look a bit stressed, and I think Liz isn’t so used to showbiz as Dappy.”

Linda added: “I think it will make it all a bit easier for them both.”

However a further twist saw Big Brother reveal that as a consequence of being freed, Dappy and Liz had also become the first two housemates to face eviction.

Speaking to Linda about her decision, Dappy claimed that she and Jim should've thought more about their choice.

"Due to the fact that Lionel's a bit more mature and all that, I'm not happy about that," he said.

Liz agreed, saying she and Dappy were happy chained together.

"We didn't know what was the case," Linda explained, "We thought you looked stressed."

She continued: "We're in Big Brother, that's [twists] what happens. It's cut throat. Let's just have a good time. Enjoy three days and you'll probably enjoy more days. We'll all be up."

Meanwhile, Lee Ryan spent the first evening spooking his partner Casey Batchelor after revealing that he sleeps nude.

"I didn't bring anything pajama-ry in, like an idiot. I normally sleep with nothing on. I don't wear anything, I'm telling you," the Blue singer said.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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