Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Emma Willis thinks A-list stars make for rubbish housemates

Emma Willis (Big Brother 2014)

Celebrity Big Brother presenter Emma Willis reckons that the show shouldn't bother going after huge stars.

Every year there are some big named stars linked to the show, with Lindsay Lohan being a particular rumour that seems to crop up every January, but Emma says they'd be let downs.

Speaking to us about Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5, Emma hit out at A-list stars in the house.

She said: “With people like Nadine [Coyle] and your Lindsay Lohans, they’re so media trained that you’re never going to get anything from them.

“People go, ‘Oh My God, Nadine’s going in, we’re going to find out all about Girls Aloud’, but you’re not.”

Emma, who took over the main show from Brian Dowling in the summer, continued: “She’s not going to do that, she’s still a part of it, you don’t s**t where you eat, do you?”

Uber Big Brother fan Emma said viewers shouldn't expect to see big stars in the house, and thinks it's very much for the better.

“I say this every time, but you’re not going to get A-listers on board because they don’t need to do it,” Emma told us. “It’s not about how famous someone is, it’s their personality.

“Nadine Coyle, realistically, what are we going to get from her as a housemate? She may be real famous, but we need content.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs on Channel 5 from January 3.

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