Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Mario Falcone wins remaining letters from home

Mario Falcone.

Mario Falcone won the outstanding letters from home in a task on Celebrity Big Brother yesterday.

Earlier in the week, a task had seen half of the housemates get messages from their families.

On Sunday, Charlotte, Louie, Lauren and Courtney all missed out on a letter from home.

Their letters were shredded, however Big Brother revealed - to one's real surprise - the shredded letters were in fact fakes.

The real letters were safe and it was up to Mario to win them back for the housemates.

Yesterday evening the hunky TOWIE star was called to the Diary Room and given a secret task by Big Brother.

Mario was provided with four tennis balls and had to write a message on each, filling the blanks in with one name from the four housemates who had not received their letters.

The messages were:

__________ is fake and a game player.

__________ has been offered £1million to pose naked.

__________ is most boring housemate ever.

__________ is favourite to win.

Mario then had to secretly plant the balls in the garden and make sure they were discovered, while ensuring the housemates did not suspect anything.

For passing the task, Charlotte, Louie, Lauren and Courtney all received their letters from home.

The task will air in this evening's highlights show on Channel 5 from 9PM.

Tonight's latest live show with Emma Willis will also see a double eviction, with Mario, Courtney, Louie, Carol and Vicky all facing eviction from the house.

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