Celebrity Big Brother UK: Dustin Diamond feels he was tortured!

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Dustin Diamond has claimed he was tortured in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house!

The US star was booted out alongside Bruce Jones in a double eviction on Friday.

And by the sounds of it, he's very happy to be out after almost two weeks on basic rations of rice and beans.

“All the food was taken away for two days during the shopping task. We had literally nothing, not even a loose grain of rice," he claimed. “All we were given were a few bits to basically keep us alive. We were given a small protein shake, a small portion of rice and a handful of lentils. That’s all we had in two days.”

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday after his exit last week, the actor continued: “People were going crazy. I thought I was going to pass out – that’s why I was so bad. Abz got dizzy and had to lie down. And someone else asked to see the doctor because they felt ill.

“Louie (Spence) was looking emaciated by the end."

And he complained: “Even after the task was over we still didn’t get our basic rations.

“It was almost three days before I ate properly. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, hands down.”

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